Development Hub

Coral Tech has many years of experience developing both mobile and web-based software solutions. We concentrate on ensuring continuity for our customers, firstly be developing highly scalable solutions, and secondly by using current technologies that have strong global support. In this way,we protect our customer’s interests for future enhancements, whether they are still using Coral Tech or not.

We develop pure web-based systems, pure mobile apps and, most commonly, combinations of the two, where one or more mobile app needs to communicate with cloud based web services. Coral Tech also has great experience integrating with other systems, including those that do not have web-services available. In such cases, we build our own custom interfaces for the project.

When it comes to mobile projects, everyone is excited by Smartphones and Tablets, but the realities of the South African market dictate that companies target their mobile services for different market segments and income groups. Less than  35% of the SA market has a smart device (phone or tablet), and another 50% only supports Mobile Internet (.mobi) sites on their phones, leaving the remaining users only able to use SMS, voice or USSD for mobile services.

Development companies that only offer smartphone applications limit  your options to <35% of the South African market. And if you want to offer your mobile services throughout South Africa and northwards, this percentage drops ever further. Make sure you work with a company that covers the entire mobile ecosystem to ensure maximum return for your mobile strategy investment.

The team at Coral Tech has 17 years of experience in helping organisations develop, implement and operate their mobile services. It is also one of the only companies in South Africa that can develop applications and services across the mobile landscape. This includes services across SMS, USSD, MMS, Mobile Internet sites as well as native applications across iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

The unseen core of many mobile development projects is the integration into the back-end systems within companies. While many app development companies are competent in creating a good-looking apps, they are typically found wanting when integrating into company systems. Coral Tech has significant experience integrating into several back-end systems including databases, ERP systems and custom corporate back-ends.

Where Smartphone or Tablet apps are required, the best app development companies are relentlessly focused on user-experience design, because you have to optimise a tiny piece of real estate. Coral Tech uses outstanding graphic designers along with our strong development teams to ensure customers get outstanding looking apps, that also work robustly with any back-end systems

Coral Tech is equally skilled developing web-based platforms, using several different frameworks and technologies to suit the particular need. As the number of users increase, especially when large volumes of mobile users are added, such platforms must be able to scale to handle these greater loads, without losing performance. Such scalability is assured with Coral Tech’s choice of architecture, using well proven web-based frameworks and databases.

Coral Technologies has implemented several such platforms on cloud-based servers, both based in South Africa and using Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provide great reductions in operations cost for our customers.

With development resources in both South Africa and Poland, Coral Tech will provide your company with a one-stop shop for all your mobile applications and services development needs.

Mobile Technologies supported include:

  • SMS, MMS
  • USSD
  • Mobile Internet sites – mobi-sites
  • Native applications – iOS (iPad/iPhone), Android
  • Webapps – PhoneGap, hybrid mobile web and native

Web/Server-Based Technologies supported include:

  • Linux or Windows
  • Databases: MySQL, PostGreSQL, SQLServer, MongoDB, Redis, CouchDB
  • Languages/Scripts: Java, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, Python
  • Frameworks: Play/AKKA, NodeJS, Symfony, Django