Organisations are seeking new ways to engage with the stakeholders, including customers, staff and suppliers or providers. Coral Tech assists organisations with both their communications strategies, budgets and the implementation of related projects thereafter. While traditional media channels are always taken into consideration, the facts on the ground dictate that the use of mobile channels make engagement and participation from stakeholders much easier, and at a cost-effective rate.

With over 65 of South Africans still using non-smartphones, organisations need to work with a partner who understands the less-rich mobile channels well. Coral Tech, with 17 years of experience in all facets of mobile from SMS and USSD, to mobi sites and smart apps, is one of the very few companies in South Africa that can provide the knowledge and experience to take full advantage of mobile channels to reach all South Africans. While others talk about it, Coral Tech has done it.

Where appropriate, the emergence of truly mobile computing devices such as smart phones and tablets has only increased the evolutionary shift in the way that people use devices to communicate and manage their daily lives. Visionary organisations considering the incorporation of mobile into their marketing and communication strategy must embrace the convergence of mobile and social media, and embrace the capability to analyse user behaviour as part of their strategy.

Mobile is a unique opportunity to re-think the way businesses interact with customers, employees and partners. It offers a different value – as an always-connected communications tool, it is a unique platform to engage with your desired audience.

Coral Tech’s mobile consulting services provide you with service to plan, design, and implement a successful enterprise mobility strategy – allowing you to transform the way customers, suppliers and employees engage with your company.

Consulting Services include:

  • Communication strategy for organisations
  • Target market assessment and sizing
  • Stakeholder (customer, employee, supplier) needs assessment
  • Customer mobile engagement models
  • Mobility technology and device planning
  • Mobility application architectures/blueprints
  • Mobile channel design
  • Vertical/horizontal mobility offering evaluation and design

Mobility is a large subject area. Coral Tech consulting services will allow you to concentrate on your core business while taking full advantage of the growing mobile opportunity space.

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