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Voice-activated projects

SA’s leading voice-activated solution provider

2018 SAB Foundation Social Innovation Award winner

Portal development

Web-based development of powerful company platforms

Complex integration of disparate systems and data formats

Mobile development

Development of and training on mobile services across all channels

Including Native app, webapps, SMS, USSD, MMS and mobile payments

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Coral Tech brings 18 years of experience in developing mobile and web-based platforms. We work with all mobile technologies and also specialise in complex integration of disparate systems to create user-friendly web-based portals for both internal and external-facing projects.

Our company has development teams in Cape Town and Krakow, Poland with expertise in multiple mobile and web frameworks and databases. As a result, we can take on challenging projects for our client base, building scalable systems and hosting them either locally or on various cloud services around the world.

Coral Tech is also South Africa’s leading voice-activated technology company. We developed the award-winning VoQoL (Voice-activated Quality-of-Life) system, which enhances the personal independence of quadriplegic and paraplegic individuals by allowing them to control functions in their living environments, just by using their voice. With voice becoming a key interface for engaging with customers, it is important to work with an experienced partner in the field.

Companies often have very custom requirements for their projects, and that's where Coral Tech thrives in providing specialised solutions. Apart from mobile and web-based platforms, Coral Tech is also able to design, build and deploy custom electronics and other specialised devices to satisfy our clients precise requirements.


Coral Tech develops services and apps across all mobile channels. These include SMS, USSD, MMS and apps (both native and web apps). We have experience in developing complex apps that handle very high volumes of users and data throughput.

Our mobile app projects are driven by the user experience (UX) and interface (UI) design. For an app to be successful, it must fully engage the user and be easy to use. To this end, we concentrate our efforts designing the flow and look-and-feel of the app, and having that signed-off by the customer before we start development.

It’s worth remembering that only ~50% of South Africans have smartphones. Coral Tech is one of the few development companies that also has many years of experience using more basic mobile technologies such as SMS and USSD, for those projects that need to reach all mobile users in South Africa.

Coral Tech specialises in data-driven and transactional web portals, typically where organisations are combining data from different sources to allow for more efficient operation of systems and to generate reports that assist in making better business decisions.

Integrating different sources of data can be very complex as they are often in different formats and can be difficult to extract. Coral Tech has significant experience in building such portals for organisations, providing them with clear and actionable information and insights. We have developed such systems in a variety of sectors including finance, transport, non-profit and property sectors.

Using Agile methodologies, we use proven technology web frameworks including AngularJS and ReactJS and language frameworks including Symfony, Django and Akka.

Coral Tech is South Africa’s leading voice-activated development company, having designed the award-winning VoQoL system that provides a renewed level of personal independence to quadriplegic and paraplegic individuals. Using just their voice, they can now control many functions in their living areas including lights, TVS, radios, fans and much more. The VoQoL project was one of the winners in the 2018 SA Breweries Foundation Social Innovation Awards.

Voice-based projects are becoming more important as companies Amazon, Google and Apple are prioritising their efforts to support voice as a primary method of interacting with their services. However, voice systems are complex to develop because of the need to accommodate different accents, interpretation of certain words, and even placement of the devices in each environment.

Coral Tech has 4 years of intensive work with voice technologies and will be a strong partner for organisations to work with to implement any voice-based projects. As part of Coral Tech’s innovative approach, we have developed custom electronic devices to help those with speech impediments also be able to make use of voice-activated solutions.

Recent Projects


The VoQoL project allows quadriplegic and paraplegic individuals to control many functions in their living areas, just by using their voice. Coral Tech developed the concept, custom software to stream SA radio stations and an electronic voice remote so that those with speech impediments can also enjoy use of the system. The results have been life-changing for the recipients.


Coral Tech developed a company-wide web portal for CapitalLand that allows them to collect property audit data for all properties under their management, and which automatically produces rich reports for the head office. The portal has dramatically improved the operation and project planning for the company, having centralised the previously manual collation of such data.

myCiTi Bus

Coral Tech developed the complex middleware system required to track the time updates and delays experienced across the entire myCiTi network for the City of Cape Town. This information is used by the myCiTi web site and mobile app, providing myCiTi bus commuters with valuable details on bus journey delays, allowing them to better plan their daily commutes.


RaceTec manage large cycling event such as the Cape Town Cycle Tour and 94.7 Cycle race. Coral Tech developed mobile apps and the tracking backend portal to allow the public to follow their friends and family members as they take part in these races, estimating when they will be at subsequent timing points, and allowing marshals to safely keep track of those unable to finish the race.


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