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Coral Tech are specialists in mobile, web and voice-based assistive technology. We developed the VoQoL system, which allows Quadriplegic and Paraplegic people to control functions in their living environments, just by using their voice. This includes the ability to control lights, TVs, fans, radios and much more, just by asking for it. In a first for Africa, Coral Tech has installed over 50 VoQoL system in 3 care homes for he physically disabled Cape Town, assisting more than 65 residents as a result.

Coral Tech also brings over 17 years of experience with all mobile technologies and multiple web-based technologies, integrating them with core company systems, and maximising the Returns-On-Investment for our customers. Coral Tech will provide your company with a full range of services including communications strategy, training, mobile strategy and development to opening new revenue streams for your business.

While others are still only talking about mobilising their organisations, working with Coral Tech brings you a highly experienced hand with a team experienced across virtually every mobile channel including Mobile Apps on iPad/iPhone/Android, Mobile Internet (mobi) sites, SMS, MMS, and USSD.

About Coral Tech

Coral Tech offers a complete set of services for businesses that want to mobilise their organisation. We provide companies with innovative new methods for accelerating their sales, lowering their cost of closing business, and improving their customer care. All this leads to stronger customer relationships, as well as greater customer loyalty.

Our core offerings include:

  • Mobile Apps and Web Systems Development – Coral Tech brings an international development team that takes projects from conception to full distribution.
  • Mobility Consulting – We help companies embrace effective communications and mobility by working with you to create strategies that will deliver measurable and sustainable results
  • Mobile Training – Practical courses and workshops that allow organisations to understand the business implications of various mobile technologies, and how to take advantages of them

We apply Appropriate Technologies to make organisations more profitable and efficient.

Companies run the risk of being overly-enamoured with the technology instead of asking the tough questions as to what, exactly, will each technology contribute to the organisation’s results?

Coral Tech lives and breathes technology in various guises, but we will only recommend a technical course forward for our customers where we can see clear and significant value for their business.

  • 17 years of experience in the communications, mobile services and applications industry
  • The ability to perfectly match the most suitable mobile service for our clients’ target markets
  • We provide consulting and development across virtually every mobile channel and service available
  • Our solutions are very practical, meaning that their viability is tested right at the start, ensuring successful implementation as a result.
  • More and broader experience that anyone else in the SA mobile applications and services industry
  • While mobile is ‘cool’. We understand that it has to benefit your business above all else
  • Mobile training courses not available anywhere else in SA
  • We will find innovative ways to engage your customers. accelerate your sales, lower your costs and improve your service

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